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Introduction of Robot Restaurant

This is just the introduction. However, you can still see how Neo-futuristic world there is. This short introduction video has enough impact to attract people.

Robot Monsters fight

This video is from the show when Tabiplusone staff joined.

Huge robot monsters started fighting against each other with their partners. Some show has the original stories which holds the attention of the audience until the end of the show.

About Robot Restaurant

Neo-futuristic Robots' Performance

There are various different robots from small to large, human types to monsters! They will fight or dance with performers and live music!

Dancers and Musicians

Robot Restaurant's show is not just robots, but performers! There are many dancers and musicians perform in different theme right in front of you!

Totally different world

One step inside and you will quickly find out it is completely different world from daily life. During the show, you will enjoy chaotically fun with the mixture of live music, sounds effects, dance, neon lights, performers and robots.

Waiting Room

You will first enter the 3rd floor which is the waiting room. You can feel free to relax having drinks or snacks while listening to live music until the show starts.

Locates Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant locates at Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku which is heart of Tokyo with various access, so before or after the show, you have many choices to do!

Staff Review

You can go to Tabiplusone staff review page to learn more!


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