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Okinawa Water Sports & Activities

Water activities are not just snorkeling or diving, there are much more such as sea walk, flyboard, cayaking, parasailing and much more. Find your ideal activities via Tabiplusone and enjoy your stay in Okinawa.


Popular Activities


Just get snorkel & fins, then you are ready to explore ocean! See coral reefs, feed tropical fish or visit hidden caves!


Dive into the water is the gate to the underwater world! Say hello to fish, coral reefs and sea turtles!

Sea walk/Marine walk

Sea walk/Marine walk is the way to explore beautiful underwater world without carrying oxygen cylinder! Anyone can join to walk around or feeding fish!


It's family friendly activity. Hop on together, slowly sailing mangrove, lake or ocean is very lay back & pleasure moment.

Towing tubes

Select your favorite towing tubes such as Banana boat/Super Marble/Biscuit Tube and much more. Birng your frineds or family & hop on all together to get blasting over the surf!


The way to enjoy water is not only "in" the water, but from the "SKY"! Feel the wind and enjoy scenery of pure blue ocean!

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Flyborading is originally started from France, using high water pressure to lift yourself up high as you feel you are flying!


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