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Yakushima Guided Trekking Tour

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What's Yakushima

General Information

Yakushima Island locates south part of Kyushu & it is the very first World Natural Heritage Site in Japan. The 90% of this island is covered by rich forest & because of this vast nature attracts many visitors.

Jomon Sugi (ancient cedar trees)

Even it's 9~11 hours trekking to the Jomon Sugi,many visitors walk to see trees which is perhaps as old as 7,200 years. It would refresh your mind & may feel something spiritual.

Mossy Forest

Enjoy the charm of forests draped with abundant mosses. This mossy fields are famous as it is the scenery of the ghibli movie, Princess Mononoke. Once enter the forest, we recommend to sit ot lay for a moment to relax.

Shiratani Unsuikyo

The beautiful, green forests are said to heal the soul. Leave the tumult of everyday life and enjoy the quiet solace of the forest. It's not as long as Jomon Sugi course, so hikers with children or who is not confident o fitness are also able to join & enjoy trekking!

Miyanoura Dake(Mt. Miyanoura)

Miyanoura Dake locates in the heart of Yakushima & it is believed as God Mountain since ancient age. Its elevation is 1,936 meters which is the highest peak in both Yakushima and in all of Kyushu.

Tachu Dake(Mt. Tachu)

Tachu Dake has mossy terrain, giant trees and giant boulders, and the majestic Arakawa River. The scenery from its summit is totally worth visiting. There are not as many people as in Jomon Sugi course.

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