Provider Akan Sightseeing Cruise Company
Plan 【Sightseeing Cruise】 Cruise around Lake Akan!
Course Cruise around Lake Akan 【4:00pm】
Details ★★Lake Akan Sightseeing Cruise★★

Tour start
4:00pm Marimo Village Dock
4:05pm Koun no Mori(lucky forest) Dock

The Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center (15min)

Tour finish
5:20pm Koun no Mori(lucky forest) Dock
5:25pm Marimo Village Dock
Notes * The departure times are shown for departure and arrival at Marimo Village Dock (Koun no Mori(lucky forest) Dock departure and arrival will be 5min later).

* Correspondence and instructions on the day of tour will be in Japanese or English only.

* We will spend 15min at the Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center.

* There are Pamphlets available in various languages.
What to bring None
Set Time 3:50pm
Meeting Point "Marimo-no-sato" Marimo Village Tourist Boat Dock
Cancellation policy It will be no cancellation charge. However, if you are going to cancel, please inform us in advance. Thank you.

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