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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

【About the web site】

Q1What is Tabiplusone?
A1Tabi is 「旅」 in Kanji, means 【Trip/Travel】 in Japanese. Our website is aimed to add one something special to make your trip more delightful & unforgettable. Tabiplusone is one of the biggest activity booking website which offers a variety of tours and activities.
Q2Does it cost to register account or annual fee?
A2No. It’s totally free to use.

【How to use the web site】

Q3How should we book?
A3Please register your account and you can book our tours.
Q4When is the deadline for reservations?
A4Each Phans have different deadlines for reservations.Please check the page of plan details .
Q5How should we pay?
A5Pay by credit card in advance or pay to activity provider directly before or the day you join the tour. It depends on the course.
Q6I cannot receive email from Tabiplusone.
A6It may be because the email address you typed has some mistakes, so please check it on your account page. If there is no mistype, then please use other email address to contact us with your name and booking
Q7How to change the date or other information?
A7Please go to your account page and send a message through your booking detail if you have a booking request or booked the tours.
Q8How can I cancel ?
A8You can cancel through your account page. However please make sure to check cancel policy before you actually cancel.
Q9Are there tour guides on Tabiplusone tour?
A9It depends on the tour. Some tours have, but some are not.