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Privacy Policy

The Company shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, other related laws and regulations and guidelines, etc. and shall not use personal information beyond the scope of purpose of use as stated below.
(1)The Company will use personal information obtained through user registration for communication with tour planning or operating companies. The Company will also use this information in relation to the tour applied for by a customer, but will only do so within the scope necessary for arranging services to be provided by partner companies and for receiving those services.
* Besides the foregoing, the Company may use personal information of a customer to: (i) introduce commodities, services or campaigns of a company partnering with the Company; (ii) ask for provision of opinions and impressions after participating in the tour; (iii) request to fill in a questionnaire; (iv) offer privilege services; and (v) produce statistical data.
(2)Personal information to be acquired by the Company shall be limited to the name, age, sex, phone number, address, e-mail address and depending on the course, any other personal information of a customer to the minimum extent necessary for the Company to carry out a tour. The Company, in some cases, acquires personal information other than the foregoing, but will only do so within the scope necessary for the Company to make an arrangement.
(3) If the Company cannot obtain consent of a customer to an acquisition of personal information in (2) of this paragraph, the Company reserves the right to abstain from concluding a travel contract. Furthermore, due to the absence of consent, the Company may refuse to accommodate an arrangement in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
(4)The Company will, to carry out and arrange the tour applied for by a customer, provide in advance the transportation facility, etc. with the name, age, sex, phone number and any other information within the scope necessary for the arrangement by sending it through electronic means, etc.
(5) Should any problem including leakage of personal information held by the Company occur, the Company will immediately contact the customer and temporarily halt the system where the problem occurs until security is ensured. In addition, the Company will promptly disclose any relevant facts to the public on its website, etc.
Online Travel CO., LTD. may revise the foregoing policy. In such cases, all revisions will be notified on its website.
■Use of Cookies
A cookie refers to a mechanism through which data is temporarily stored in a website visitor’s computer by their web browser.

The Site uses cookies to increase the convenience and efficiency of its customers’ user experience, and will not use cookies for any other purpose. Information that can identify an individual such as name and phone number are never included in the contents of a cookie.

In addition, the Site utilizes, to deliver suitable advertising to its customers, behavioral targeting advertising and retargeting advertising using cookies provided by third-party companies. If you do not wish to be exposed to such advertising, you can disable it by performing an opt-out for each service from the “List of Advertising Delivery Services”.

* What is meant by behavioral targeting advertising: A mechanism that delivers advertising appropriate to a user based on information (behavioral history) which does not identify a specific individual, such as retrieval history and browsing history.
* What is meant by retargeting advertising: A mechanism that tracks a user who has visited a website of an advertiser and displays advertising of the same advertiser on an ad spot of another site.
■ Use of Web Beacons
The Site sometimes makes use of web beacons to collect usage statistics such as the the number of users who have accessed the Online Travel CO., LTD. website; however, in no event will the Site obtain information which can identify an individual, such as the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of a customer.

The Site sometimes uses web beacons embedded in HTML email (email containing images) sent by Online Travel CO., LTD. to collect statistical information on whether email was opened or not; however, under no circumstances will the Site obtain information which can identify an individual.
■ A Secure Communication Channel
The Online reservation functionality of the Online Travel CO., LTD. website protects personal information by a system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Information being received and sent over the Internet is exposed to such risks as eavesdropping, falsification of information or identity fraud. Using SSL, however, protects information against such threats, and enables a safe means of sending and receiving of information.

SSL protects communication between a customer and the Company’s server by employing digitally signed certificates to establish an encrypted communication channel, allowing personal information to be kept private. All this information, including personal information such as name and credit number is protected in this manner as well as any information received by the customer.
■ Responsibility
The customer shall assume personal responsibility for usage of the website. Online Travel CO., LTD. shall assume no responsibility for any damage caused by use of information obtained from the Website or any other website linked to the Website.
■ Governing Law
The Website is under the control of Online Travel CO., LTD. While the Website is accessible from many different countries around the world, each with their own particular set of laws; a customer who accesses the Website agrees with Online Travel CO., LTD. that, notwithstanding any difference of legal principles, both shall be governed by the laws of Japan with respect to the use of the Website. The parties shall also consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court in the first instance, should the need of a suit arise.

Furthermore, Online Travel CO., LTD. shall make no description or indication on the Website as to whether the content of the Website is appropriate for the environment of the customer. Access to the Website shall be performed of a customer’s own free will, and the customer shall bear all responsibility for using the Website.
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