Let's try 'Kimono' in Japan !

TOP Let's try 'Kimono' in Japan !

Let's try 'Kimono' in Japan !

Why don’t you experience Kimono dress-up by yourself while you visit Japan?


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Kimono Styles

Casual Kimono

Standard way to enjoy Kimono. Usually Kimono requires the layer of underwear to keep its form. But in summer simplified Kimono style 'Yukata' is loved because it's cooler, lighter, and cuter <333

'Oiran' 'Geisha' style

'Oiran' and 'Geisha' style is a sexy/gorgeous way to wear Kimono.
Dressed in Kimono of bright color, and bright make-up on, you will be so gorgeous lady!

Cool Kimono for Men

Kimono is not only for women.
Men's Kimono dress-up plans also available.

If you like, you can become SAMURAI!

Recommended Areas

【Kyoto】Kimon rental

Introducing places where you can rent Yukata and Kimono in Kyoto!
Treat yourself to a Kimono experience in a store that has been singled out by TABIPLUSONE among a multitude of other rental shops! Directly experience its delights; there are also hair accessories and make-ups! Make priceless memories in a reasonable price!

【Tokyo】Kimon rental

The upper class town of Ginza is Tokyo’s most priciest place. You can enjoy this rich town bustling with new boutiques and upmarket department stores while wearing a Kimono! In order to better enjoy the atmosphere of Ginza, treat yourself to an adorable Kimono experience at a rental shop picked by TABIPLUSONE!

【Kyushu】 Kimon rental

The Oita region is famous for being a haven for hot springs! Stroll through Beppu, Yufuin and other tourist hot-spots famous for being hot springs districts while wearing Kimono~ ! From Kitsuki Station, which is approximately 15 minutes by express train from Beppu Station, start your stroll through tourist traps such as the Kitsuki Castle and Suyano Slope while wearing a Kimono!


Hair-set and make-up(※) included !

Almost all plans include hair-set, so you don't have to prepare for Kimono dress-up. You can select your preferable hairstyle from some options. Also, make-up is included in 'Oiran' 'Geisha' 'Maiko' plans to make you more Japanese beauty.

You have so many choice !

At the Kimono shops, there are plenty of choice of Kimono and other items. You can select your favorite color, pattern, or texture! Even if you choose the same color, different pattern of Kimono gives totally different impression. Let's create your original combination!

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