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If you would like to visit many spots, or you are fancy to purchase many Japanese stuff, or you are going to travel long distance in one day with family or group, then charter a vehicle give you far more advantages than taking public transportation or joining bus tour. You can even give requests beforehand to arrange your itinerary. Select the location and find your ideal one.


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Hokkaido trip has always problem of transportation because of its size, besides bus tour often doesn't cover all locations you would like to visit. That is why taxi plan is for you! You can arrange where to go. If you are more than 3, then normally it much reasonable price than you take public transportations.

Kanto - Tokyo & around Tokyo

Developed subway and trains sometimes make you confuse to transfer each time you go sightseeing. Moreover visiting far from Tokyo or purchasing a lot, then you need comfortable transportation, that is a taxi or large vehicle.


This city attracts many visitors around the world. However, sightseeing Kyoto requires to take trains many times to travel to each spots such as Kinkaku-ji temple, Kiyomizu-dera temple, Arashiyama area, etc.

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