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Hokkaido 2017/08/11

This tour is nice. I had a great time to enjoy the tour with my family

Tokyo 2017/03/15

Fabulous experience, one on one tuition, very patient, tutor had limit...

Hokkaido 2016/10/02

It has been very easy to book the tour.The staff of Goziraiwa Sightsee...

Hokkaido 2016/07/26

We joined the Chubetsu white water rafting and enjoyed it very much. T...



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Does it cost to register account or annual fee?

No. It's totally free to use.

How should we pay?

Pay by credit card in advance or pay to activity provider directly before or the day you join the tour. It depends on the course.

Are there any tour guides on Tabiplusone's tours?

It depends on the tour. Some tours have, but some are not.

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Tabi is 「旅」 in Kanji, means 【Trip/Travel】 in Japanese. Our website is aimed to add one something special to make your trip more delightful & unforgettable. Tabiplusone is one of the biggest activity booking website which offers a variety of tours and activities. Some special offers are available only on Tabiplusone. Come and join our tour!!
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