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East Hokkaido, rich in nature, boasts many sights to see, including exotic vistas, world heritage sites, Onsen hot springs and gourmet! Allow us to introduce movies and activities that will fill you in all about the charms of East Hokkaido's respective areas!

East Hokkaido Area Map

See the charms of each area in videos!



Kushiro is this kind of place!

Kushiro is known as the most populous city in East Hokkaido. It is an area that offers various sightseeing spots and gourmet while being the 4th major city in Hokkaido. Kushiro's sunset is counted among the "Top 3 Sunsets of the World" and is famous for its striking beauty. It is also one of Japan's top fishing spots, so you'll be able to enjoy sea products! And one thing that should not be forgotten would be the red-crowned cranes designated as a special natural monument! You will be able to observe these cranes in a setting closest to Nature at Kushiro City Red-crowned Crane Natural Park.

「KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR-釧路」|KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan



Akan is this kind of place!

The fifth largest in Hokkaido, Lake Akan is a caldera that was formed roughly 150,000 years go due to a volcanic eruption. Its lakeside is one of the premier hot springs areas in Hokkaido, and there are hotels where you can bathe in hot springs while gazing at Lake Akan and mountains! Its hot springs districts has many teyu (hand baths) and ashiyu (foot baths) so people not looking to stay can still enjoy the hot springs! And when talking about Lake Akan, the first thing that comes to mind would be the "Marimo" (moss balls)! The valuable Marimo, currently designated as a special nature monument, can be observed at Lake Akan Onsen Marimo Exhibit and the Lake Akan Eco Museum Center.

Lake Mashu and
Lake Kussharo


Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo are these kind of places!

Lake Mashu is known as "Kamuito" in the Ainu language, which means the "Lake of God". Its mystical blue color is called the "Mashu Blue" and many tourists visit in search for its vistas. Its transparency was even recorded as the best in the world in the year 1931! Lake Kussharo is the largest caldera in Japan. Its lakeside has many hot springs and there are many rotenburo (open-aired hot springs baths) to be enjoyed! Many swans visit in the winter! Both Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo has Teshikagacho. Not only is it an Onsen district with Kawayu Hot Springs and Mashu Hot Springs, hot springs fogs also rise up from beneathh the town. This is an area rich in nature where you can fully enjoy large sceneries, hot springs and food!

Produced by Teshikaga high school students Teshikagacho tourism PR Video | TeshikagaNavi channel

Nemuro and Nakashibetsu


Nemuro and Nakashibetsu are these kind of places!

The easternmost city of Japan, Nemuro is also the city closest to the morning sun. Many tourists vist just to take pictures of the morning sun at Cape Nosappu. It also has many spots where you can feel Nature, such as Kurumaishi and Meiji Park that has a silo designated as a registered tangible cultural property of Japan. It also has Nemuro Port which vies for the number 1 and 2 spot for landed amount in Hokkaido and you can enjoy gourmets such as Kaidon (seafood bowl)Nakashibetsu is an area with green land where dairy farming is thriving.From Kaiyodai Observatory, you can enjoy a 330 degree panoramic view where you can experience the roundness of the earth.

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Shiretoko is this kind of place!

Shiretoko was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2005 in recognition of the fact that it has an ecosystem that connects the sea and the land, and that it is a habitat for rare animals and plants, as well as the fact that it has a proper management system to conserve it. The unspoiled nature remains, and many tourists visit to see the superb view of nature. You can experience the nature in trekking or cruising with a guide.

  • "Shiretoko Five Lakes" | Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourist Association



Okhotsk is this kind of place!

The Okhotsk area is an area along the Sea of Okhotsk stretching northeast of Hokkaido. It is rich in sea products such as crabs and scallops from Spring to Summer, as well as being the number 1 producer (Kitami city) of farm produce such as onions and potatoes. Famous for its drift ice that comes all the way from far Siberia in winter, many tourists from both in and out of the country visit because of Abashiri and Mombetsu's icebreaker ships. It also has many other flower sights such as the moss phlox Shibazakura (Takinoue, Ozora); Tulips (Kamiyubetsucho); Sunflowers (Abashiri city and Ozoracho, etc) and Cosmos flowers (Engarucho). This is an area where you can more than enjoy Hokkaido's outdoors, seasonal sights and gourmet!

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Obihiro and Tokachi


Obihiro and Tokachi are these kinds of places!

The Tokachi region is Hokkaido's largest agricultural production areas.In the vast plains of Tokachi, there are wheat, potatoes, beans, and other agricultural products, dairy and livestock products, as well as delicious freshly caught and delivered products. Farmhouse restaurants, bread made with Tokachi wheat, cheese wineries, sweets made with fresh milk and other gourmet foods... they are all a must! With its gardens that use Nature as well as a unique Hot Springs mall (such as Tokachigawa Onsen), ski resorts and as well as the world's only "Banei Horse Racing", not to mention the naturally occuring "Jewelry Ice" (Toyokorocho) that only happens in the height of winter, it draws high levels of attention from both inside and outside the country.

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