Things to do in Osaka ~Tours & Activities~

Things to do inOsakaTours & Activities


Doutombori Osaka Castle Umeda Sky BuildingFloating Garden Observatory ShinsekaiTsutenkaku area Osaka Station


  • Doutombori
  • Doutombori

  • The Glico billboard’s instant popularity draws in endless numbers of tourists. Taste the symbols of Osaka’s cuisine; takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savory pancake), among more.
    Even late night shopping is available with numerous souvenir shops making it popular among foreigners.

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  • Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory
  • Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory

  • With 360 degree views, Umeda Sky Building is the place to fully take in Osaka’s night view. Popular for both day time and night time viewing. Take in the sweeping view of Osaka’s skyline while enjoying the feeling of ultimate spaciousness

  • Shinsekai. Tsutenkaku area
  • Shinsekai. Tsutenkaku area

  • Just next to Dotomburi is the landmark of Osaka, Tsutenkaku! Enjoy the views from Tsutenkaku’s observation deck and eat the famous foods of Osaka in Shinsekai, such as kushi katsu or takoyaki. With so much to do this area is especially recommended for foreigners.

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  • Osaka Castle
  • Osaka Castle

  • One of the listed Important Cultural Properties of Japan, Osaka Castle is a must see emblem of Osaka.
    After climbing up the castle, we recommend taking a walk through the castle’s surrounding park.
    Enjoy the scenic views of plum and cherry blossoms and in autumn the changing leaves. It is worth a look for sure!

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Seasonal Recommend

January - March

  • weather
  • WeatherTemperatures will not drop to negatives, but wearing a scarf, gloves to keep warm while sightseeing is recommended.
  • Item
  • things to takethings to keep you warm (heat packs, scarf, gloves, thermals)
  • Reason
  • Ski bus tourEnjoying skiing the easy way by taking a bus departing from Osaka. Have plenty of fun on a day trip with no need to prepare equipment. Why not try skiing on Japan’s fine quality snow, surrounded by abundant nature?
Ski bus tour
  • Ski Bus that can depart from OsakaFrom its location that lets you enjoy a full sweeping view of the ever-beautiful Lake Biwa, Hakodateyama Ski Resort is easily accessible even in Kyoto, and has a beginner-friendly course! A hot recommendation for families and those accompanied by children.
    You will be able to choose departure locations between Umeda, Namba and Kyoto.

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April - June

  • weather
  • WeatherA high average temperature makes for warm, easy to enjoy weather. It is also the season for cherry blossom bloom, with many spots around the Osaka area to enjoy flower viewing from.
  • Item
  • Things to takeFloor sheet / tarpaulin
  • Reason
  • Bus tour planA great value tour for viewing the blooming cherry blossoms at various areas with lunch included. Visit highly popular tourist areas such as ninja village accompanied by a lunch menu that offers a taste of Japan.
bus tour plan
  • Hanami Bus tour planYou will be fully able to enjoy the beautiful town of Kyoto in accordance with season of cherry blossoms! You can privately tour, matching your headcount. You will not be exhausted by creaking, tiresome trains as there is a pick-up service for either your hotel lodgings and Kansai Airport, making it excellent for time-effectiveness also. Make memories of your travels while enjoying beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms!

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July - September

  • weather
  • WeatherThe end of the rainy season is the true start of summer. The hottest days usually reach 35 degrees Celsius so keeping well hydrated and enjoying indoor tourist activities is called for.
  • Item
  • Things to takeumbrella, foldable umbrella, sunblock
  • Reason
  • Osaka duck tourView the sights of Osaka from an amphibious bus! The moment the bus splashes into the water, the exhilaration will have everyone screaming wirth their hands in the air!
Osaka duck tour
  • Osaka duck tourYou can enjoy sightseeing Aqua Metropolis Osaka from river and from land as riding on the amphibious bus!
    The moment of splash-in Okawa river is really exciting!
    Please enjoy cruising and sightseeing!

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October - December

  • weather
  • WeatherIt is the season to see the changing autumn colors.Morning and nights can be chilly, but a coat or sweater is sufficient to keep warm.
  • Item
  • Things to takemultiple layers of clothing to keep warm
  • Reason
  • Enjoy the atumn colors in a KimonoDecember is the best time for sightseeing with illumination light shows and many other noteworthy highlights.
    It is also the best season to take in the classic Japanese scenery of changing autumn colors at their most vibrant.
    Enjoy Osaka even more by wearing a kimono as you walk around the city.
Yukata Experience
  • Yukata Experience Wabikae Tanimachi ShopShinsekai is an old deep midtown of OSAKA, and famous for Tsutenkaku (Tsutenkaku-tower) and Kusikatsu food.
    In such a retro area, you can find and experience Japanese traditional activities (Kimono, Matcha, and optionally Rickshaw) within one plan.

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About Osaka

Osaka is the largest city in Western Japan. A sightseeing area loved by foreigners for its cultural experiences, cuisine, and shopping it has to offer.
Born in Osaka, but now staples around Japan, Takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (savory pancake), and kushikatsu ( deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables) are just some of the foods to be enjoyed here.

Must EAT @ Osaka

  • pork bun
  • pork bunA souvenir so famous the lines are endless. Eat it once and you too will be hooked by its unique rich pork flavor.
  • bread
  • breadA popular alternative to rice for breakfast and easy to eat. Over the last few years, developments in bread making and production have expanded considerably. This is especially true for Osaka, home to many specialty bread shops that draw ques ever yday.
  •  takoyaki (octopus balls)
  • takoyaki (octopus balls)The birth place of takoyaki’s creator. Many foods feature takoyaki flavored products, but for those who have expereinced the real thing, the taste is unforgettable.

Must BUY @ Osaka

  • food sample
  • food sampleThese real-life looking food samples are popular among children through to adults. Draw on your creativity and try your hand at making your own one of a kind sample or be amazed while watching a master of this art from.
  • takoyaki hot plate
  • takoyaki hot plateYou too may end up buying a takoyaki hot plate after falling in love with Osaka’s takoyaki. Reasonably priced and with light-weight models also being sold why not?
  • Kuidaore Taro goods
  • Kuidaore Taro goodsOsaka’s popular character Kuidaore Taro! A large range of distinctively brightly colored goods to choose from, from key chains, socks, pens and more!