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Akan Sightseeing Cruise Company

Address   1-5-20 Akancho Akankoonsen, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido, 085-0467, Japan
Opening hour   Weekday 09:11 ~ 09:11  Saturday 09:11 ~ 09:11  Sunday&Holiday 09:11 ~ 09:11


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  Meeting location:"Marimo-no-sato" Tourist Boat Dock(Near Hotel Akanko-so)

*The ticket counter staff only speak Japanese or English(not fluent), and there are brouchers in each language, but after boarding there are Japanese speaking staff only.

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【Cruise Tours】

 【Sightseeing Cruise】 Cruise around Lake Akan!



Area : Hokkaido Earliest booking : 7/18/2024
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This course takes you around Lake Akan and to the scenic "Takiguchi" and "marimo Exhibition and Observation center".

Let's go to Churui Island where the scenery is magnificent!

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