Tours and activities in Asakusa.

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Tours and activities in Asakusa.


Kimono Rental

Dressed up gourgeous kimono and enjoy walking around old and picturesque towns of Asakusa.

Things to Do

There are many things to do such as tea ceremony, indigo dyeing,walking tour etc. Let's find what to do from wide selection.

Tours Vehicles and Vessels

How do you want to explore Asakusa? Bus, rickshaw or Yakatabune(traditional flat-bottomed vessel)Cruise tours are available.

Cooking & Cuisine

Learn how to cook Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine.)

You can also join the tours with meals to enjoy washoku easily.

Japanese Sake experience

There are more than 100 kinds of sake you can try from bitter to sweet including fruits taste sake. You can bring your own food, and enjoy with your friends!

Learn about Asakusa Spots and Things to do

More information to know spots and things to do in Asakusa in order to enjoy efficiently and find your ideal spots or activities.

Recommended Tours and Activities

Learn how to cook Japanese cuisine with English guidance.WASHOKU COOKING CLASS

You will learn dishing up the Tempura and Sashimi into the SHO-KA-DO bentobox which has a lid and four compartments nicely.

Traditional Dyeing&Weaving Value PackDyeing&Weaving workshop

you can do an indigo dyeing and weaving an original coaster using natural ingredients and traditional equipments. This unique package plan is only available here.

Asakusa Sightseeing Ebisuya RickshawRickshaw Ride in Asakusa

Rickshaw will guide you Bustling downtown Asakusa Tokyo. Your guide will come to pick you up at Kaminarimon(Kaminari gate)

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