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Canyoning is exciting river sport in the valley!
Jumping into the basin.Slipping the nature of the swamp and rock as a waterslide..Once you experience,you may know how fun and thrilling canyoning is!


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Feel and enjoy the nature of Hokkaido!Furano and Hidaka, etc. is the area of canyoning.

Minakami (Gunma*Kanto)

There are many such perfect spot for canyoning in Minakami.You can experience slipping waterfalls and sliding down waterfall about 30m!


Okutama is good very accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area.You can refresh surrounded by deep green and clean water.

Nasu Kogen(Tohoku)

Let's enjoy the exhilarating canyoning at Nasu kogen,famous for summer resort.There are a variety of natural slider and diving point.


If you stay in Kansai area such as Osaka and Kyoto, we recommend to go to Shiga.Shiga is surrounded by many mountains,so you can enjoy a beautiful mountain stream.

beginner and nonswimmer can participate

Most of the participants are beginners. Anyone who has strength of the low mountain hiking level can join.
And there is no place to swim a lot.Please be assured since you wear a wet suit with buoyancy.

About belongings

You need to bring swimsuit, towel,glasses strap and pare contact lens.Most all of the tour includes equipment such as wet suits.

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