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Hakodate Sightseeing Bus Tours

There are a lot of things you must see in Hakodate such as the night view from Mt.Hakodate,Goryokaku and bay area. Let's join the bus tour and enjoy sightseeing many tourist spots in one day.


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Half-Day Tour

Does your itinerary only have half day? Do not worry about it! Half day tours are also available!

Night View Tour

Bus tour to go to see the night view from Mt.Hakodate that is counted as one of the best night views in the world.

Famous Spots in Hakodate


The Goryokaku was made in 1864 and it's construction took ten years.Today the site is a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing,From the top of Goryokaku tower, you can see Goryokaku's pentagon shape. a popular tourist spot for visitors.From the top of Goryokaku tower, you can see Goryokaku's pentagon shape.

Mt.Hakodate Observatory

Aside Hong Kong and Naples this is counted as one of the best night views in the entire world.The Hakodate Ropeway or connects you up to the summit and there are also climbing buses, so you can enjoy the Hakodate views under your eyes from the steep roads.

Hakodate Orthodox Church

The color of the church is similar to the ancient Russian Byzantium style with a white wall and green steel ceiling. There are six small dome-shaped towers in the rooftop, and each has a cross on them. Behind the church, there is an ocean in the background, and the beautiful white and green church is now a famous photo spot.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is located at the area, facing Hakodatewan which contains lots of commercial facilities:BAY Hakodate that has several restaurants and shops, Hakodate History Plaza, used as exhibition hall and beer hall, Kanemori Hall which can be used to hold a concert or wedding etc. A part of it still remains a warehouse.

Hachiman Hill

Hill tour is one of the highlights of Hakodate tour. There are a lot of hills in Hakodate, each of them has a distinctive name. Hachiman hill is named after the Hakodate Hachimangu. The beautiful view of the Hakodate harbor is worth the effort of climbing up the hills, this view is also shown in several Japanese TV dramas and Commercials.

Onuma Quasi-National Park

The park has abundant nature and there are many ways you can enjoy a whole day there. In summer, you can enjoy cycling, taking a cruise, canoeing,fishing,etc. As the lake surface freezes in the winter, you can enjoy winter activities such as fishing for lake smelt. You can stroll along the walking trails to enjoy the varying views from season to season.

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