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There are a lot of places where you can enjoy rafting in Japan. To enjoy Japan's great nature is one of the charm of rafting as well as thrill to overcome the wave of river.
In spring torrent due to high amount of water will excite you and you can enjoy rafting leisurely with your family in summer.


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In Hokkaido, Furano and Niseko which are representative resort area are the area of rafting.Feel the nature of Hokkaido.

Minakami (Gunma)

At Tonegawa river in Minakami, you can enjoy the most torrent rafting in the Kanto.After the rafting, it is also fun to soak in the nearby hot springs.
*Access from Tokyo:2 hours by car/1 and a half hours by bullet train and bus


Okutama is located in the Tokyo, it is the closest rafting area from the city center.The access is so good that you can go there by train.
*Access from Tokyo:2hours by car/1 and a half hours by train


Hozugawa River is located in the north of Kyoto called "Arashiyama" area. It is the river through beautiful mountains and it is just 30 min to get there by train.


In Nagatoro, natural monument can be seen, such as rocks and pile of rocks while rafting.It is also attractive that this area is very close from the Tokyo metropolitan area.
*Access from Tokyo:1 and a half hours by car/1 hour 40 minutes by train


Yoshino River flows through the Koboke Oboke of Kochi Prefecture from Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku.It's one of the world's leading torrent!Please challenge if you like a thrilling activity.

Minakami Rafting & Onsen Bus Tour from Shinjuku【Lunch & 1drink】Special Rafting Bus Tour from Shinjuku!

The famous river activity location "Minakami" is 3 hours from Tokyo, so it is always bothering you to drive all the way to Minakami and back to Tokyo.
Besides, if you would like to grub a beer after rafting, driving car is NOT your choice.

Single user, couple, family, group of friends... anyone can join the tour!

Do not worry even if you don't swim!

Since each shops prepare a high buoyancy life jacket made for torrent, you can join if you are not good at swimming. Even if you will fall from the boat,a trained guide will pull you up to the boat.

About child's participation

Although the min age to participate rafting depends on the area or tour,in spring and autumn Children often cannot participate because of the large amount of water. Since the amount of water is reduced from summer,children of elementary school can participate to many tours.There are also tours for family and kids.

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